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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Excel Template for Dashboards

An easy solution for business intelligence dashboard reporting is sitting right under our noses! Consider implementing dashboard reporting in Excel.

Everyone has Microsoft Excel, so why don't more people use it for creating dashboard reports? Well, the consensus among the dashboard designers I spoke to seems to be that one can't get dashboard designs out of Excel that don't look like, well, dashboards made in Excel.

Yes, we've all seen those dashboards that are simply a collection of Excel graphs. Well, take a look at this nice dashboard layout:

Yes, that slick looking layout is done in 100% Excel. It's a dashboard Excel Template that is all set up and ready to point at your data. Use that link to check out the details.

Even Stephen Few likes the dashboard. See his blog entry in Visual Business Intelligence titled When Expensive Dashboard Software Doesn't Work, Do It with Excel.

Go Excel for dashboards!


Chris Gerrard said...

While this dashboard is an impressive example of Excel wrangling it's not at the same level in terms of analytical information design.
There is too much non-data ink, particularly in terms of the heavy frames around the individual charts.
Another item of concern is the left-right, top-down sequential numbering of the charts. This appears to be purely decorative, with little or no value in communicating critical business data.

Rand Fishkin said...

We should always question, probe and analyze what we see and believe this is the one true way to achieve, that's what I think, thanks for sharing the great adduce, Thanks