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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Excel Dashboard Tutorial

Note to all excel users interested in Excel Dashboard development - a new excel dashboard tutorial has just been released at this link:


All business intelligence dashboard practitioners are encouraged to watch that video lesson by Chandoo.

Update on this post about Excel Dashboard Tutorials: An excellent series of posts on how to use microsoft excel for dashboard reports has been posted on Dashboards By Example: Excel Dashboard Tutorials. The Dashboard Spy article includes links to sample excel dashboard worksheets that you can download.

As each version of Excel grows in features and visual sophistication, the product becomes a really compelling choice as a dashboarding platform. In my opinion, even if the functionality wasn't there (oh - but it is, especially in the Office 2007 version - very dashboard friendly!), Microsoft Excel is a must-consider choice simply because of the size of its user base.

This being the case, it behooves us dashboarders to understand the dashboarding capabilities of Excel.

What better way than to walk through a real hands-on workshop with an information visualization pro like Jorges Camoes? Check out his post titled "How to Create a Dashboard in Excel" and be sure to download and follow along with his tutorial.

Here is a screenshot of the dashboard you'll be creating. It's a Demographics Dashboard.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Web-based Project Management Dashboard

Here is a powerful way to manage distributed project management. Take a look at this screenshot from a product called Valleyspeak Project Server. Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge the dashboard screenshot.

This product allows the continued use of Microsoft Project while allowing the entire team to access the project status information from anywhere. Yes, of course you can take the approach of outfitting the entire team with licensed copies of MS Project, but this method allows one copy to power a browser-based version for everyone.

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