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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dashboard for Tracking Video Stream Metrics

Executive Dashboards are built to visually impart a sense of key performance indicators. You get to "feel" how your business is doing. The "intuition" that you get from using an enterprise dashboard is often the result of the various gauges, dials, charts and graphics on the dashboard.

Sometimes, however, you really need to see line items of data on your dashboard. Summaries of various sales figures, totals of financials, etc. This is often best accomplished by displaying small tables on the dashboard.

Here is a good example of the mix of graphic and tabular content that can be used on a dashboard. This particular dashboard screenshot is of an application built to track the metrics of a site that delivers streaming video and audio. Obviously, it is critical that the site owners see the reach of their content distribution. It has charts, graphs and a map. Additionally, there are several portlets that are table-based. To help legibility, the rows feature alternate-row coloring.

Click on the dashboard to enlarge the screenshot.

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