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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Executive Dashboard for Wireless Network Metrics

Executive dashboards provide at-a-glance summaries of key performance indicators in a highly visual manner. This allows for quick understanding of metrics that spreadsheets simply can't provide. These executive dashboard screenshots show how a wireless provider uses executive dashboards to monitor the health of their network.

The wireless network operator is innundated with performance data. The trick is to translate the overwhelming number of data points into not just network performance trends, but, more importantly, into real management metrics.

This first executive dashboard screen is straight-forward and is composed of four graphs. Click on the dashboard screenshots to enlarge the views:

One of the most common requests by users of an executive dashboard is the ability to select reports and customize their views. These next two dashboard screenshots show how this is done in this dashboard system.

In the above screenshot, the user selected the reports they wanted to appear. In the screenshot shown below, the user can configure the charts and graphs themselves.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Executive Dashboard Shows Project Status At A Glance with these Colorful Indicators

Executive Dashboards are visual in nature of course, but have you ever seen a dashboard with only big red, green, and yellow indicator lights? The design of this executive dashboard is slick and works well. They augment the information with hover-over, tool tip-type of explanations.

This executive dashboard tracks IT projects. There are 2 tabs - dashboard and builds. This screenshot of the dashboard shows the status of the projects by color. Green shows successful builds, red shows broken builds, yellow shows that a build is in progress and the grey indicates that the build has not yet occurred. And, yes - your eyes are OK, the colors are soft (a web 2.0 style influence and perhaps an aid to black and white printing).

This next screen shows the Builds view. It is also graphically oriented.

This final dashboard screenshot shows the detail view. As a more data-intensive screen, it has more text, but it also starts off with a big icon to show the state of the build: